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B-Line MK II

The B-Line Throwing Rescue Buoy is a lightweight, streamlined buoyancy aid.

It can be thrown much further and more accurately than a standard lifebuoy, increasing the chances of a successful rescue.

B-Line Throwing Rescue Buoy aids flotation, helping to reduce panic and allowing regular breathing to recommence. The rescuee can then be pulled safely to the shore.

Compact and portable, it makes an ideal life-saving water rescue aid for carrying in emergency service vehicles and for siting externally inside the Guardian™ Lifebuoy Housing or by indoor pools.

Design Features
  • Easily thrown with accuracy.
  • Buoyant and strong.
  • Soft nose reduces risk of injury to rescuee.
  • Easy to re-throw.
Colour: Bright Yellow.
Rope: Polypropylene.
Sleeve: PVC-coated nylon.
Strap: Polypropylene.
Length: 685mm
Diameter: 159mm
Weight: 1.3kg
Buoyancy: 4.14kg
Rope: 31m of 6mm diameter polypropylene floating rope. Breaking strain - 550kg.

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