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20 l / 35 l / 60 l
Vasura litter bin of steel or stainless steel, removable inner liner of aluminium. Vasura is available in a wide variety of designs, some with optional cover and/or ashtray, and with a number of fixing options.

Special features
Wide choice of capacities, has robust construction, and is easy to empty. Every version can be safely locked and unlocked by means of a triangular lock.

Fixing options
1. Stationary: embedded in concrete, post mounted with hoops, or wall mounted.
2. Movable.

Dimensions (mm)
Vasura 20                  l Vasura 35 l              Vasura 60 l 
W 328                       W 390                        W 535
H variable                  H variable                  H variable

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Vasura Vasura Vasura Vasura Vasura