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Seat and backrest of coated or stainless steel wire mesh, support frame of coated or stainless steel tube.

Special features
Piazza is also available with tubular steel armrests, as well as without a backrest.

Fixing options
1. Stationary: with extended support legs for embedding in concrete.
2. Stationary: circular baseplates with proprietary ground anchors for embedding in concrete.
3. Movable.

Dimensions (mm)
2-seater                    3-seater                3-seater
with backrest            with backrest       without backrest double
W 1200                      W 1800                 W 1800 | 1800
D 700                         D 700                       D 650 | 940
H 810                         H 810                       H 550 | 550

Piazza Piazza Piazza Wood Piazza