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Intersit Wire Mesh

Seat and backrest of wire mesh, with laser-cut steel support frame.



Special features
Intersit is available with armrests, with or without backrests, as 2-seat or 3-seat units, with wallmounting brackets or on a pedestal base to suit installation on a plinth which, for example, may be used in sport stadia.

Fixing options
1. Stationary: with baseplates.
2. Movable.

Dimensions (mm)
2-seater          3-seater         3-seater               3-seater
with backrest  with backrest  without backrest  without backrest
W 1175           W 1411           W 1600                W 1800
D 564              D 564              D 516                   D 516
H 811              H 811              H 465                   H 465

Intersit Wire Mesh Intersit Wood Intersit Wire Mesh Intersit Wire Mesh Intersit Wood